Africa Armwrestling President embarks on visit to Cameroon

The purpose of this visit is to bolster support for the development and advancement of armwrestling within the country’s borders.

In his dual role as Vice President of the World Armwrestling Federation, Mr. Asibey aims to engage in discussions with key stakeholders in Cameroon’s sporting landscape. These conversations will encompass the Sports Minister of Cameroon, the Director of the National Sports Council, the National Olympic Committee, and the local Armwrestling Federation.

A focal point of his discussions will be with the Sports Minister, focusing on Cameroon’s aspiration to host the prestigious 2025 Africa Armwrestling Championship. Moreover, preparations for the forthcoming Africa Games in the following year will also be a topic of deliberation, seeking ways to optimize Cameroon’s representation in the Games.

Significantly, armwrestling is slated to make its inaugural appearance as a competitive sport at the 2023 Africa Games. The President of AFA views this as a strategic advancement towards the sport’s inclusion in Continental Games and eventually the Olympics.

Amid the visit, Mr. Osei Asibey will undertake an assessment of the facilities in Cameroon. This evaluation aims to determine Cameroon’s preparedness to host the 2025 Africa Armwrestling Championship, contingent upon receiving the hosting rights.

Mr. Asibey will be warmly welcomed upon his arrival by Mr. Julien Boumsong Nokomis, the President of Cameroon Armwrestling. Impressively, Mr. Nokomis also holds the esteemed position of Secretary General for AFA, along with his role as President of the Central Africa zone.

This visit holds the promise of fostering collaboration, progress, and the expansion of armwrestling’s reach within the African continent.

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