Africa Armwrestling commissions Doping and Media Committee

In conformity with the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Armwrestling Federation of Africa (AFA) has named members of its Anti-Doping and Media Committees.

After scanning through the various CVs received, the Executive Board of the Armwrestling Federation of Africa settled on seven members for each of the committee.

The committee will also have a chairman who will be liaising with the Board to see that their mandates are fully implemented.

Members of the Anti-Doping Committee are; Essomba Herve Noel (Cameroon), Prince Pambo (Ghana), Ekoue-Kouvahey (Togo), Bojuwoye Adebukola (Nigeria), Ismael Oumarou Issaka (Niger), Radonirina Zafinjato Rakotomanga (Madagascar) and Niamke N’guessan Marie Chantal (Ivory Coast).

The members of this committee will primarily be responsible for making the sport on the continent a clean and safe sport and also educate members on anti-doping issues and guidelines from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Media Committee will also have; Attikpo Vinyo Hugues (Togo), Oduneye Oluwaseyi (Nigeria), Djingarey Maiga Mahamadou (Niger), Rabarison Jean Fidèle (Madagascar), Sandrine Ella Ochou (Ivory Coast), Lembe Alexandre (Cameroon) and Kenneth Odeng Adade (Ghana) as members.

The Media Committee will also be in charge of publicizing and promoting the sport on the continent and beyond while coming up with innovative media works that will make the sport and AFA attractive to receive the needed support from the corporate world.

The World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) requires every continental Federation or National Association to be World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) compliant as to enhance fair play and development of Armwrestling and Armwrestling’s admission into the International Olympic Committee (IOC) membership.

Armwrestling is a popular and traditional sport worldwide and currently members of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), WADA, GAISF and AIMS.

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